Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RECOVERY Challenged


It has been some time since my last blog. I do apologize. Due to an unexpected illness and lengthy recovery I am back. During this time my RECOVERY was challenged, even with my 31st anniversary of recovery only 35 days from today. September 1, 2011.  There were times when I was not as motivated to maintain my recovery. This was due to the amount and type of prescription’s they were providing in as large of quantities as the law would allow. The doctors seemed deaf to my pleas and statements about RECOVERY. One doctor told me that alternative methods of healing are fairy tales.

It took me getting upset and gaining their attention before  the doctors  began to truly listen to me. I also made calls to my recovery supporters to hold me accountable but also come and help be my voice about Recovery and the impact of medical treatments can have on maintaining  one’s motivation to remain in Recovery.

Here are some tips:

1)      Let those who are your Recovery support know what is happening.

2)      If needed take one of them with you to your appointments.

3)      If in the hospital maintain contact with your supporters.

4)      Be honest with you physicians about your concerns related to medications and types.

5)      Ask about alternative treatments or substances.

6)      Br ready to talk and provide education about recovery and your needs. Many in the health profession do not have a clue about what RECOVERY really is.

Be open and honest about your RECOVERY with all and become a community educator, you will find it will increase to own motivation and self-accountability when the triggers occur. And as you know they do occur.

Thanks for reading.

Marc Baisden 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Day,

Being in recovery myself, working on 31 years (9/1/980). Over my years of recovery and in becoming a clinician and interventionist I have found that we all are connected and do not live in the process of life and recovery alone. It is my hope that the information my blogs will meet your needs and growth in your recovery and life process. Recovery is not a means to an end or cure, it is a way of life that is real for each of us.

In meeting the needs of individuals, families and as a therapist I have found there ia a patterns of functioning that has become the norm in our lives. It has become so ingrained that we do not recognize this pattern. I have outlined the pattern below and have what all of us are looking for in their lives.

Most People operate from this pattern of functioning:

  • Denial- not what the problem is, but what the real impact or extent is.

  • Rationalization- Excuse making, thinking errors,

  • Avoidance- refusal to take ownership or responsibility

  • Projection- Blame, it’s everyone else’s fault/problem

When what people are looking for In their lives (From the Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual components that make them an individual) are  

  • Safety- Am I Safe, Where and How Am I Safe

  • Acceptance- Being accepted for who I am, Can I accept myself?

  • Connection- Where do I fit in? How Do I Fit in?  Where do I belong? How do I belong?

  • Validation- Simple daily affirmations and sense of peace. Valuing self and others.

I hope that this little tidbit of information peaks your interest and helps to give some further tools for your recovery.

Sincerely Yours;

Marc Baisden, MA, CMHP, CIS

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